Vaughan and I have collaborated on both my San Francisco home and my beach property. I am delighted with the outcome of both projects, and am deeply indebted to Vaughan for her efforts on each. To begin with, Vaughan is both extremely knowledgeable and incredibly creative. As a result, she was able to provide me with great initial ideas for each of my projects and was also able to incorporate my input while still ensuring that the final product was coherent and beautiful. Working with Vaughan has been a real pleasure. She is cheerful and energetic, and has a deep sense of commitment to any project she undertakes. Finally, Vaughan is able to work with a range of budgets, and helped me to determine where to invest and where to economize when making my design choices. I would recommend her without hesitation for any of your interior design needs. -
Jim K.
I have worked with Woodson and Woodson for over a decade on projects ranging from designing an entire home, to significant renovations and small updates. Woodson and Woodson brings a rare combination of creative vision and highly effective project management. Vaughan Woodson possesses exquisite taste, a strong client service orientation, and the highest standards for execution. I love the spaces Woodson and Woodson has designed for us and have truly enjoyed the process of working together to create them.
Diana N.
I have worked with W&W on many different projects over the years. Vaughan is an exceptional talent. Where she really shines is that she puts things together in a way that I never would have conceived on my own, and that always look better than I ever would have imagined. She truly has a gift for creating extraordinary spaces, that, importantly, reflect my unique style (and let's be honest: she makes my style look a million times better).
Lisa H.
I couldn’t get into my house in the Upper Haight until Nov 1 yet I knew I was having guests for Thanksgiving. Vaughan and her team stepped in and turned the next 3 weeks into ‘speed –decorating' for me. Arranging painters, carpenters, furniture deliveries, and carpet experts so that the place was ready in time. I could never have done so much without her help!
Sara M.
I pride myself on having a sense of style but when I started working with Woodson and Woodson, their thinking outside the box mentality is what turned my house into a beautiful, eclectic and elegant home. They turned my rooms upside down, using materials and fabrics that I never would have put together, placed pieces in places I never thought would work and did so with confidence and professionalism. It was such an enjoyable and beneficial experience working with this team, I look forward to using them on our second home.
Christina S.
Our home looks spectacular and Vaughan Woodson is the reason. From our first meeting, Vaughan created a home that is truly unique and reflects our personality. I can walk into any room in our house and look at each piece of furniture, rug, or art piece and know that I didn't settle but rather have something that I love. Vaughan's professional attitude and commitment has been constant throughout our time working together.
Lisa P.
When we downsized from a large, classic Edwardian house in Pacific Heights to an industrial loft conversion in South Beach, Vaughan was the linchpin in a process that was more than an interior decorating project: it was a reinvention of our lifestyle as well as our home. No one could have done it better. She was vital in a team that included architect, contractor and suppliers (and clients with strong opinions), lending her keen eye and talent to decisions we needed to make in the total renovation of our space long before we tackled the furnishings. Vaughan’s gifts as a designer are extraordinary: she has exquisite taste, vision and sophistication, and a stable of resources and amazing artisans who make it all come to life. There are no clichés in Vaughan’s universe –and no black leather sling chairs in our industrial loft! With her unique ability to know what can be saved, and what must be discarded in an empty-nester makeover, she fashioned a truly eclectic space that is uniquely ours. I don’t miss my collection of needlepoint pillows at all, yet every day I’m happy to see pieces I’ve owned for years, reimagined or repurposed, placed next to stylish young friends in a new environment. If I had only one thing to praise among so many of her gifts, it would be her absolute commitment to collaboration with the client at every level. It is so much fun to work with Vaughan that I wish I had it to do all over again! The best endorsement: almost everyone who walks in the door for the first time says “Wow!” And we do too.
Naomi M.